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Welcome visitor, this is the site of the look up phone, the ultimate collection of the telephone directories on the Internet, as the name of the site suggests, here you can look up any phone number - as long as it is in a phone directory. For your convenience the directory is split into sections by continents, these are Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Australia with Oceania. America includes both North and South America, in most European and Asian countries America is regarded as a single continent (Panama canal notwithstanding) whilst in the USA the common continent of America commonly split into two - South America and North America with two halves in the Western Hemisphere routinely referred to as (the) Americas. Like in the name of a known avenue in New York City: Avenue of the Americas. The look up phone directory also includes a brief history of the telephone directories or places where one can look up a phone number and also a section with important information on other links related to the looking up numbers and a directory of directories or a list of web sites which contain telephone directory information.

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